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Monday, February 7, 2011

The King's Speech

Watch the trailer here.

This movie is the true story behind King George the IVs rise to power, his stuttering problem, and his struggle to get past it so that he could be the inspirational voice that his country needed.

I want to go ahead and say that the real story behind all of this is fantastic and very inspirational. It's all about overcoming obstacles and facing fears. It's also about having friends that help you along the way wether you like it or not. The acting is phenomenal and the three main actors; Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and Geoffrey Rush really show why they are the top of the talent in hollywood. The real downfall of this film is that, to put it bluntly, it's boring. The movie moves like a slug and every scene feels the same as the last. But I digress, here are the Pro's and Con's


  • The three main actors show acting chops rarely seen in popular films nowadays. The real stand out was Helena Bonham Carter playing Elizabeth, she get a lot of screen time but she certainly showed that she has skills beyond her typecast of the crazy and dysfunctional characters she's played in movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Fight Club.
  • The setting was created perfectly; you were really convinced that this was before WWII.
  • The body language between characters such as turning away or a subtle rolling of the eyes was well used to keep the characters human.
  • The soundtrack flowed beautifully behind every scene not overpowering or really even very outspoken at all but at the same time it fit what was happened perfectly.

  • The dialog, while well written, was boring and uneventful. It was obvious that they didn't want to dramatize this movie like other "docudramas" have been, but the movie hurt for it.
  • The movie was slow, things happened at an agonizing pace and had me tearing my hair out waiting for something exciting to happen that would keep me interested.
  • The environment, while being amazingly believable, felt as if they had used the same room for each scene. The more you saw them Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth speaking in a room together, the more each scene started to blend together.

I understand the acclaim that this movie has gotten and I would be lying if I said that it didn't deserve any of it. But in my personal opinion, the movie could have been faster and didn't have to be 2 hours long. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this.

3 stars out of 5

Once again this is my opinion and I would be glad to hear what you guys think. Leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. Love everything you're doing here. Making a great blog like this inspires me to do better! Keep it up!

  2. Looks like I will have to go see this.

  3. Looks really interesting.
    Might see it.

  4. I want to see this....kinda...

  5. I think it's worth a rent or a cheap movie theater. I wouldn't buy it personally.

  6. I've heard of this movie. I think im gonna watch it when it comes out on netflix.

  7. Great review, looking forward to seeing the movie now!

  8. I had heard a speech of his a few months prior to seeing the movie, and his speeches are something else. You can't write the honesty that this man has while speaking. I recommend checking those out.

    I agree with the review, it's a good movie, worth a watch, but it is a bit slow.